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Vork: Burnout App

How it works

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    Visualize mental capacity

    Vork's energy bar predicts how your work-day will affect your mental capacity in realtime.

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    Understand your triggers

    Vork helps you quantify the causes of your burnout and provides insight into what's draining your overall mental capacity.

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    Take Action

    Vork provides quick-actions to help you make effective changes to your work day quickly.

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    Privacy by design

    Vork anonymously gathers data to learn how your mood and work structure impact your mental health.  

    Disclaimer: Personalized data is never shared with anyone other than yourself. 

Vork for Teams

Vork provides teams the tools and insights they need to reduce burnout

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Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Pick a pricing model that works for you or stick to the free plan until you decide to upgrade.

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  • Personal

    For individuals looking to reduce burnout
    • Deep Insights
    • Quick Actions
    • Time Blocking
    • Basic Support
  • Team

    For companies or teams looking to reduce burnout
    • Everything from Personal
    • Team Burnout Trends
    • Team Burnout Insights
    • Premium support

"You can’t improve what you don’t measure"

– Peter Drucker

Add to Chrome and reduce your burnout today

How It Works

Measure. Understand. Reduce.

Vork helps managers and their teams measure the causes of job burnout and fix them.

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    Measure burnout.

    Visualize mental capacity and quickly see how the work-day is affecting energy levels.

    Vork  new burnout insights
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    Understand triggers.

    Vork breaks down and quantifies what aspects of an individual's schedule impacts their burnout.

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    Reduce Burnout

    Vork provides quick-actions to help individuals and teams structure their work day to ensure they remain productive and minimize burnout over time. 

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