The automated employee recognition app that captures everything you miss

Vork uses AI to improve work culture by automatically rewarding employees when they perform positive actions

Early adopters get 75% off Pro plan

How do you track engagement?

Traditional employee recognition tools require employees to give each other recognition. While this is great in principal, it doesn't always work in practice, especially when employees do positive things that aren't always clearly visible.Vork uses AI to automatically track positive actions (eg. Well organized meetings, completed tasks, etc) and automatically rewards employees for their efforts, incentivizing employee engagement.Vork recognizes everything employees do to foster a great culture and makes it visible.

How it works

We're happy to help you get up and running, but here's what to expect:

1. Set up

Create a Vork account, add connections (eg. Google Calendar, Slack, etc), and get your team set up on the platform

2. Get Connected

Connect your Vork account to common workplace apps so Vork can begin tracking positive actions (no sensitive data is ever stored).

3. Get Recognized

Go about your day, fill in surveys, send shout-outs, etc. This data informs Vork about what’s going on. As you perform positive actions, Vork will reward you with a virtual currency called stars.

4. Get Rewarded

Use the stars you receive from Vork to redeem awesome rewards provided by your company, or get some premium rewards offered by Vork.


Here's why people love us

Improved Bottom-Line

Get more done by boosting engagement & productivity, and reducing costly meetings

Better Employee Wellbeing

Foster a great culture by rewarding behaviours that matter most.

Higher Employee Retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay than those that are disengaged.


We proudly offer a free plan for small teams, with more to come after our beta!

Small Teams (1-10 users)


(per user)

For small teams looking to build a strong workplace culture

  • AI Recognition

  • Company Rewards

  • Leaderboards

  • Slack / Teams Plugin

Pro Plan

$10 $3/mo

(per user)

For growing and large teams looking to build and maintain a collaborative and engaging culture.

  • Everything in Small Teams plan

  • Premium Rewards

  • Google Chrome Extension

  • Pulse Surveys

  • More cool stuff coming soon!

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